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Shawarma is an icon and a tradition that should never change. It’s delicious because it’s simple and remains loyal to its basic ingredients. In project Shaziz, we honor the legacy of Shawarma with the way we roll that bread and how we patiently wait for this perfect color. Here are your favorite meat and chicken Shawarma, marinated in their authentic sauce, grilling on slow fire waiting for their devoted fans.
Wait, we haven’t introduced you to our Gyros, the real Greek Shawarma.
The taste, the roll, the sauce and the tender bread will take you straight to Greece!
No Shawarma is complete without fries, that’s why we made sure to offer you the best and freshest potatoes.
We get them every day, wash, peel, cut, fry and serve them hot and crispy.
We have freshly baked bread for the perfect shawarma experience!
At Shaziz, we know that sustaining the authenticity of Shawarma in every sandwich and every bite, is a daily project.

That’s why we call it Project Shawarma.

Shaziz is proud to be part of JANIYA COMPANY FOR CATERING SERVICES

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